Decluttering and space organisation


Your heart skips a beat with the realisation that yes, this organised,  calm inducing space truly is yours.  Be it your home, office or creative space, you deserve the opportunity to shed all the accumulated stuff that congests our lives and inhibits the natural flow of bringing in what you actually need for an abundant and successful life. 

Yes it's a little bit zen, a little bit minimalist and a LOT of practical. Let's reclaim that room and recreate the perfect space for your hearts desire by putting Marnee Fox's organisational expertise into practice. 

Services include:

  • De-cluttering  and organisation utilising the 'Four box' method encouraging waste minimalism 

  • Storage solutions and sourcing   

  • Styling and design   

  • Learning and embracing the art of letting go

So take the next step in productive living and call me to make a start on transforming your room and your life today.