There is alchemy in my process. I see the potential in the space, what it wants to be, what you need it to become.


Marnee Fox

With a passion for unique aesthetics and thoughtful spaces, Marnee’s creative arts background and humanistic approach lends an often unexpected layer to her design practice.

Having worked across multi residential, residential, commercial, retail, education and community spaces, Marnee’s knowledge of materials, suppliers and the design process is extensive. Materials and manufacturers that hold sustainable and ethical credentials are favoured, and the belief that a space created out of consideration for these things, will possess added vibrancy and a sense of connection.

Marnee is unafraid of pushing boundaries and designing from instinct rather than the latest trends. She maintains collaborations with local artists, makers and craftspeople and is not afraid to admit she still gets ‘little kid excited’ when faced with a new project, especially the challenging ones.